Twenty years of ‘now’ @ New River Studios
12 May 2018
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New River Studios
Ground Floor Unit E
199 Eade Road
N4 1DN London

>> To celebrate 20 years of existing, ‘now’ will perform 2 live sets with many previous band members, playing drums, synthesizers, basses, guitars, trumpets, cello, percussion, theremin, clarinet & voices.
So far confirmed, along with the usual ‘now’ trio of Angela Last, George Chrysostomou & Justin Paton:
Alex Maclean / Andy James / Ben Polhill / Caspar Gordon / Chloe Pereira de Mello / Chris Irish / Craig Tamlin / Cynthia Lucci / Emma Jane Richards / Fanny Bissa / Giles Narang / Graham Dunning / Lee Mackinnon / Nicole Nagel / Richard Thomas / Rosie Okae / Susi O’Neill / Vanessa Marlowe

More info here.


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